200, 300 & 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, Rishikesh

By | November 20, 2019

Rishikesh has historically been the cradle of yoga learning and teaching. The great Himalayas and the Holy Ganges inspire higher thinking and meditative reflections to the true seeker. Rishikesh resonates with a rare spiritual energy that induces a passion for the learning of yogic philosophies. Spiritual awakening through the yogic way of life is the common thread that runs through all humanity that converges here. Heightened senses reinforced by yoga practice help to lead individuals to the road of self discovery and the very meaning of existence as propounded by Vedanta.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Internationally certified 200-hour residential hatha yoga teacher training programs and yoga instructor courses (YTT, TTC, YTTC, RYT 200) in India registered with Yoga Alliance (USA) at registered yoga school Rishikesh Yog Peeth – RYS 200, 500.

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This is the foundation course that will orient you towards a yogic way of life and see you on the path to becoming an insightful yoga teacher. The training will familiarize you with the basics in postures, breath control, meditation with safe and correct methodology. You will also learn to understand yoga terms and pronunciation, besides studying anatomy and physiology. The trainees are taught teacher ethics so they are able to maintain teacher student relationship as proscribed by yogic philosophy. This intensive program will give you insights into the inner you besides helping you to lead a more meaningful life.

300 Hour Yoga Teachers Training in Rishikesh, India

Once you have a certificate of completion for the 200 hour YTT, you are eligible to apply for the 300 hour teachers training program. Here the grounding you have received earlier will be reinforced in a thoroughly comprehensive training. Applying for the 300 hour program means that you are fully committed to yogic philosophies and wish to incorporate the same in your life. As a fully grounded and accomplished yoga teacher you are now capable of teaching others to find their path to evolution while you continue with your own evolutionary cycle.

Yoga Teacher Training Course
Yoga Teacher Training Course

Eligibility for 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • 200-hour yoga teacher training (RYT 200) from a yoga school registered with Yoga Alliance, USA as RYS 200 or RYS 500.

500 Hour Yoga Teachers Training in Rishikesh, India

The combination of 200 hour and 300 hour yoga teachers training makes 500 hour training. On the successful completion of the two aforementioned training programs you will receive a certification that will make you eligible to register as RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance USA. Both the 200 hour and 300 hour training however, must be taken in a yoga school that has been registered with Yoga Alliance for your certification to hold true with Yoga Alliance. The 200 and 300 hour training can be taken separately or in continuation as suits your convenience and finances.

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