Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh

By | September 24, 2019

Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training Course, One of the most precious gift for today’s world, which the Vedic tradition, the ancient tradition of india, the tradition of Yoga, has given to this world is the science of Pranayama. Pranayama basically means “breathing techniques”. but it is not just the breathing.

Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh

The Prana is the subtle life-force energy, so it is not the same as the breath, it is more subtle. But then, through the breath it is easiest to affect the Prana, to regulate the Prana. Our life is basically just the flow of the Prana in the body. When the Prana leaves the body that means we are dead. The body still remains but there is no life inside, there is no energy inside. So Prana is that which keeps this body going, which keeps us alive, which keeps the organ functioning. Pranayama is a way to regulate to direct the Prana and to increase the Prana in us. So there are different breathing techniques or Pranayamas which the ancient Rishis have given to this world, which allow us to use this Prana in different ways.

Pranayama Yoga Course Syllabus

  • Pranayama in the postures.
  • Pranayama in the chakra.
  • Pranayama in relaxation (yoga-nidra).
  • Pranayama and karma.
  • Use of Pranayama as a method of inner mutation.
  • Pranayama, life, death, enjoyments, fears.
  • Universal breaths and human breaths.
  • Pranayama, time and space.
  • The Pranayama and the cycles of the moon.
  • Prana and Svara.
  • Pranayama, energies, and personality.
  • Pranayama, powers of energy and thought (prana, manas, ojas).
  • Pranayama as an instrument to control and act on the body, the energies, and the thought.
  • Pranayama and the invisible.
  • The inner visions.
  • Pranayama and its therapeutic applications.
  • Pranayama: method to stop the breath.
  • Pranayama and the subtle process of breathing, or the art of breathing without air.
  • A training day is held every two months from 9:30 to 18:30.
  • During this session, a practical and theoretical program is presented.
  • It is recommended to repeat practices at home during the next two months, if possible one hour per day.
  • It is also proposed to read the texts presented in the training booklets.
  • The training is inspired by the traditional teaching and not the western university curriculum; there is only one discipline “Pranayama” and a teacher “the person in charge of the training.”

Pranayama Yoga Course In Rishikesh

Pranayama Technique sounds easy but in reality if you do Pranayama without proper knowledge or in wrong way then maybe you will not get the benefit or you can face breathing problem. In Ayuskama Institute, trainers cover both theoretical and practical sides of Pranayama. They explain all types of pranayama to students properly which helps them to tech other and also get benefit. 

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Pranayama Yoga Course In Rishikesh
Pranayama Yoga Course In Rishikesh

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Types of Pranayama

  • Quiet Breathing
  • Fast Breathing
  • Deep Breathing
  • Tribandha and Pranayama
  • Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama
  • Anuloma- Viloma
  • Surya Bhedana Pranayama
  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Bhramari Pranayama
  • Pranayama from Hatha Yoga


$ 700 USD (With Food & Sharing Accommodation) $ 500 USD (Without Food & Accommodation)

4th Sep 2019 to 2nd Oct 2019$ 1900 USD$ 1500 USD$ 1200 USDApply Now
7th Oct 2019 to 4th Nov 2019$ 1900 USD$ 1500 USD$ 1200 USDApply Now
8th Nov 2019 to 5th Dec 2019$ 1900 USD$ 1500 USD$ 1200 USDApply Now
9th Dec 2019 to 6th Jan 2020$ 1900 USD$ 1500 USD$ 1200 USDApply Now
13 Jan 2020 to 10th Feb 2020$ 1900 USD$ 1500 USD$ 1200 USDApply Now
14th Feb 2020 to 13th Mar 2020$ 1900 USD$ 1500 USD$ 1200 USDApply Now
17th Mar 2020 to 14th Apr 2020$ 1900 USD$ 1500 USD$ 1200 USDApply Now
20th Apr 2020 to 18th May 2020$ 1900 USD$ 1500 USD$ 1200 USDApply Now

200 Hour Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training Course

There are techniques to increase the Prana or energy level in us, very quickly. Just within a few minutes you can feel such a difference. The mind is more clear, you have more energy, you feel more fresh. There are Pranayama to cool down the body and mind, or to increase the heat or the warmth in the body. Pranayama to increase concentration, to improve your digestion; so many things. But the best thing about Pranayama is that it allows us to manage our mind, to manage our emotions, which is so relevant and so needed in today’s world. Where people have become more stressful, live has become faster, it keeps speeding up.

There are so many impression we have to deal with, and so many,  more than 80% of all the health problems which people face today, then know are partially or entirely created by stress. There are what is called psychosomatic. Because there is stress in the mind, imbalance in the mind and then the body gets affected, So in today’s world, not just study better or to be more effective in your work, but even to be more healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally, to be able to again and again. Pranayama is one of the easiest and most beautiful techniques, which is very practical. Pranayama allows us through attending to the breath to manage our mind, our emotions, and live a more healthy and happy life.

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